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“We can’t thank then enough for opening their house and hearts to us! During hard times in our life, they've been our first and last resort. We thank God for placing them in our lives because without them it would be scary to think where we’d be right now.  Their love has not only helped us grow into the people we are today, but it protected us when we felt there was no safe place to be.”
- Steven, Pam, and Sheena Ross, PA

“Melanie has a way of being extremely straightforward and does not care to ‘sugar-fluff” her thoughts. That is one of the greatest things I love about her. She is not just honest and raw, but loves someone enough to let them know exactly how it is before a situation can get out of hand… Mike and Melanie have this quality about them that knows there is something truly beautiful in everyone and intend to find out what it is. They have such huge hearts for the younger generation and do not want to see a person give up or fail to meet their potential. If there is one thing I’ve learned from this couple, it’s compassion. They live and walk a life of compassion, continually giving of themselves- being parents in the physical and spiritual sense. As long as I’ve know they’ve lived to love the broken.”
- Linda Gin, CA

“We realized how compassionate they were when a friend of ours was kicked out of her house and had no place to go. They opened up their home to this young woman and treated her as if she was their own. They have a heart for helping youth; That is what they were put on this earth for. They can relate to many young men and women who have been through a lot in this world.”
- Christi and Candi Bloom, GA

“...they have made a big impact on my life. I have spent countless hours talking to them, helping me to forgive the people who have hurt me and work through difficult situations. Over the years she has become more then a mentor, she has become one of my friends, one who I know I can rely on and seek advice from.”
- Diana Gibson, TN

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"Building Bridges validated that other parents had the same concerns as I did."
-Parent, Wyomissing, PA

"The MERGE Conference helped me to view my teen as someone who is new to this phase in his life.  My teen learned that we are really trying to understand him."
-Parent, Leepsort

“...they have a tender heart for young people, giving freely of their time and energy to especially reach teens who have difficulty fitting in with others. My husband and I received help and insight from a class they taught on teenagers. I've had many conversations with Melanie, receiving wisdom and advice for our sons. Our sons have benefited from a great after school program they ran along with many other events. I would personally recommend them to any parent or young person in need of advice or help.”
- Jen Painter, PA

 “Thier support, encouragement and advice has helped us immensely. They have served as an objective sounding board on many occasions. This has helped us gain proper perspective in order to move forward toward our goal of successfully raising our teenage son. I was very excited to hear of their plans to open The Legacy House for families who are experiencing similar challenges to those we encountered. While I am excited about this, I am also honestly saddened that our family did not have access to the same resources when we were in desperate need. We searched high and low to no avail. The only practical support we found came from the Holland’s. We thank them for all they have done.”
- Christine Kreisher, PA

“We worked with Driven for years and totally trust their guidance, and especially their wisdom and compassion for helping all teens. They have a caring heart for children and teens and have a passion to reach this generation so that our families can reach their full potential.”
- Ken and Sharron Duerr, PA

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"Driven brings light and hope to teens facing a host of social and emotional problems"
-Dr. James Smith,
Chief Program Officer, Olivet Boys and Girls Club

"No other organization like Driven exists."
- Berks County Employee

"I support the efforts of Driven and The Legacy House... a resource for parents and teens is greatly needed in our community... a program based on helping families through suppoert and teaching rather than blame and rejection will serve the needs of many..."
-Robert Jakubek, LSW

Driven Ministries is attempting to offer one option (The Legacy House) for families when most are not willing or able to offer any support. This is both admirable and commendable."
-Steve Leever, M. Ed.

"They bring support to youth whose life circumstances could one day lead them into greater problems" 
- Bryan Koch,
Senior Pastor, Glad Tidings Assembly of God Church

"Melanie Holland is a veteran youth specialist that has a passion to meet students where they are, while leading them to where they need to be! She demonstrates repeatedly that she cares for teens and families in crisis. Mel shares from personal experience that positive change can happen because it has happened in her life! I recommend Mel for your church, school assemblies, youth worker training events, camps and retreats."
-Tom Rees
U.S. Missions Director, PennDel Assemblies of God

“...they have a gift for seeing the needs in a teenager's life, allowing them to freely be themselves without fear of rejection or abandonment, as well as meeting them where they are and bringing them through a process of reaching their potential."
-Leah Deitrich/ Youth Worker

"What Driven is seeking to accomplish through The Legacy House is something I believe every community needs. Their ability, willingness, and desire to partner with other entities within their community to better the lives of teenagers are remarkable. Through a "family" setting, teaching life skills, and strategies for developing and maintaining a positive life, as well as working alongside of parents, Driven is touching the seemingly untouchable with a means that will leave a lasting impression. This is why we have chosen to partner with them, also. We believe in Driven Ministries and encourage anyone wanting to make a positive impact in their community to find a way to partner with them as well."
-Pastor Adam Smith
Sudden Impact Youth Ministry, Chambersburg, PA


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