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Legacy House

Driven is currently working towards opening Legacy House, the first Runaway/Homeless Youth Shelter in Berks County, PA. In January 2009, Driven was awarded a $25,000 Venture Grant from The United Way to get the Legacy House program up and running.  

Legacy House is a voluntary program for Berks County youth, ages 12-17, who are homeless or at risk for becoming homeless due to family conflict.

Services will be provided to youth and their families who agree to engage in the process of determining the root cause of the conflict and are willing to work toward a resolution. Case management services will be provided for 30 days following the initial engagement with the goal during that time being to reunite the family if appropriate.

Referrals for aftercare services will be given at the time of discharge. Time-limited emergency shelter for the youth is available as needed.

Currently Driven is renting beds from Berks County Youth Center or Bethany Children's Home for any youth in need of emergency shelter.  However, the goal is to one day have an actual home for youth to be able to run to in order to find temporary refuge for  while an assessment of needs and referrals to appropriate agencies are being completed.

The Legacy House will continue to partner with families, the community, and churches to provide a safe place where youth can be themselves without fear of embarrassment, abandonment, or rejection.

The Legacy House Committee is:
Sheila Bressler, Beth Rothermel, Sue Dopsovic, Jennifer Harvey, Bob Jakubek, Tanna Wagner and Melanie Holland

Legacy House Committee


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